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Quick link to EarthRehab “About Us” HTML page

Green license plate, green license plate, green license plate, green license plate, green, green, license plate, license plate,

Green license plate, and green license plate and green license plate, green license plate, green, going green license plate

About Us

EarthRehab was created to support nature on the front line and to develop an understanding of recycled plastic materials. We believe humans enjoy natural settings (like beaches, seas, forests, mountains, and rivers), and harmonizing with the wild. Public display of concern for our environment is critical during this monumental crisis.We encourage you to purchase and display our product with pride, nobly supporting a green movement. For the record, we have a 100% reception from the foundations, and they would appreciate your support of EarthRehab.  A beautiful new Web page teaches us about Coral Reef Eco-systems, and Sustainability.

Excellent job goes to AAA South. Visit this page please.


Front Page & Headline News; Green License Plate

Green News Front Page Headline Green License Plate

Front Page & Headline News in Florida

This year Palm Beach County has a new environmental campaign. The recycled Green License Plate for the Environment created by EarthRehab. 

Cover of the Hometown News, “It’s not easy being Green

And Headline Cover of The Jupiter Courier “Treehuggers raise funds for Busch Wildlife & 

The $10.00 Green License Plate is sold to benefit front-line Environmental Foundations and Sanctuaries. See who’s involved, click the link. 

Our checkout is secured utilizing E-bay, Yahoo Small Business, and Pay Pal Payments Pro. 

We are still shipping this Eco-friendly gift for the Holiday’s with our special Holiday Greetings.

So do what’s right today, join EarthRehab and the Green License Plate campaign.

the politics of Green; effects of pollution

Green Algae on Rocks Jupiter Inlet

Jupiter Inlet Pollution slideshow on Flickr 

the politics of Green; Effects of Dumping

ERM trucks battle the rising tides at Jupiter Inlet ParkOcean Pollution headed Northswim zone for children with toxins and pollution

Jupiter Inlet, Florida December 11, 2007

I surfed 1 mile south of the Inlet to avoid the pollution and waste water, lots of sea-weed and Man-O-War in the water.

Tuesday had a strong Northbound current during the change of Tides (sorry Cocoa & Melbourne), ERM trucks continued to give sand to the Ocean, and a foul smell of feces was in the Air with brownish water and Algae inside the Inlet.

Our local WQMS ( Water Quality Management ) claimed that the water samples tested Moderate for high levels of toxins. Where did they do the testing? They tested from the inter-coastal stream heading South from Tequesta, where its clean.

Understand that water samples need to be taken from the worst possible body of water where people swim. Period.

the politics of Green, Beach Erosion in Jupiter Today

  shot from Jupiter Inlet High Tide (hover over last statement, picture is large)


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the politics of Funding- EarthRehab summary

Christ of the AbyssUnderstanding the mechanism behind funding for Environmental Campaigns and Foundations.

Non-profit/Non Funded- example Nature Conservancy, 100% donations only,

Non-profit/partial Gov’t funded (in conjunction with State Universities, NOAA, DEP, ERM, DOE, Waste Management)-; they can accept donations from the public. They fall into the category of Special Interests Groups we keep hearing about, and are continuing to take severe funding CUTS from the Govt.

Non-profit/Gov’t Funded- Mostly involved in Alternative Energy, Bio-fuels, Wind Water and Litigation. However 1 Group in Miami, The Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative, has a great thing going. Unfortunately or Fortunately they will join the Special Interest Groups and could accept donations from the public.

Non Profit/Partial Gov’t Funded/Corporate Sponsored-  Large Corporations help with Funding,

For Profit/ Corporate Sponsored- let BIG set you up with a nice Grant.

For Profit- when a citizen retails an environmental movement icon or license plate or some other crafty green gadget to generate funds for Non-profit Foundations. example EarthRehab and the Green License Plate campaign.

If our current mission is to be Strong, Heard, and Motivating then either you choose Non-profit/Non-funded or you stay “for Profit” until you can advance to the Non-profit/ Non-funded stages.

We need to remain the voice for many, until the Community steps up and sponsors all of the Foundations so that they can further separate from the Government and Big Business.

A new ‘shade’ of Green; Youth movement

treehuggers from Jupiter Middle at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

‘The newer faces of Green’, and they are at it again. 

1970s’, 80s’ and 90’s you would protest in the streets, picket, sometimes riot, or barricade yourself to a light post to prove you’re an eco-activist.

Today is a much different day with a whole new approach. By showing your concern for the planet and supporting environmental missions you can reach a larger crowd of listeners.

more story?? posted on YourHub Jupiter Florida