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Coral Reef Eco-systems; Hospitals for the Sea

Goliath Grouper

Coral Reef Eco-systems; Hospitals for the Sea 

Many Ocean enthusiasts believe that Coral Reef Systems are beautiful underwater gardens that should be admired from afar.

Coral Reef Eco-systems are excellent to photograph, simply because of the myriad of colors one can capture.

I have traveled to several dive locations around the Coastal US, always expecting to see an existence of Coral Reefs.

It was a huge surprise that Hawaii does not support a healthy Coral Reef Eco-system.

It was also a surprise that Puerto Rico was lacking in color, however the Stag horn Corals were most incredible.

Recent dives in the Bahamas proved to be fruitless, watch out for the Sea Urchins that dominate the Coastline.

Which brings us to the Florida Keys, a real live and Healthy Coral Reef Eco-system to monitor and observe right in my own backyard.The only problem with diving the Keys is the Bubbles you create changes the way the Eco-system would react naturally.

How can a diver and Ocean Activist observe exactly what role the Coral Reef Eco-system plays in the Oceans without disturbing it? 

I found my answer at an Aquarium, the Paradise Island Aquarium in the Bahamas. 

While touring the Aquarium it was easy to see that the Coral Reef System acted as a hospital for larger fishes and animals. Large fish swam ever so closely to the Reef and allowed the smaller reef fishes to remove bacterium, parasites, algae growths, and helped to cleanse their massive gills.

I exclaimed ‘ it looks like a cleaning station for the Oceans.’ And it is. 

Then I began to wonder, why do small reef fish greet divers? Do they think that we are a larger species of fish that came for a cleaning as well? I now believe so. 

Coral Reef Eco-systems are the Hospitals in the Sea for and play a significant role with the Ocean creatures.

Could you imagine not being able to find a hospital when you became ill? 

We need to protect all existing Coral Reef Eco-systems for the health and future of our Oceans. 


Water Quality, Water rights, Water restrictions, & Sewage

Jupiter Inlet water

2008 Noteworthy Water News facts links: 

North and South Florida battle for drinking water from 2 rivers.– AP Press News Link.

Jacksonville and Orlando want water rights to the Ocklawaha and St. Johns River.

The Orlando district developed the proposal after determining that areas of Central Florida could reach their groundwater limits within five years, and that by 2025 it will need 200 million gallons of water a day from alternative sources.Partly because of the fast growth of central Florida, half a billion gallons of water are being pumped out of the deep underground Floridan aquifer each day. 

Los Angeles, Orange County, California will soon drink treated Sewage water.,0,7789563.story?coll=la-home-centerLA Times News Link

Public acceptance was also helped by the fact that since 1976 the county has been pumping about 15 million gallons of reclaimed sewer water a day into the groundwater basin to protect it from saltwater intrusion.

For decades, the aquifer has been plagued by saltwater that flows in as fresh water is pumped out of underground reservoirs along the coast. The condition can be checked and reduced by injecting treated water back into the ground to act as a shield. 

Environmental Groups vs. SFWMD and regulations on Pollution and Sewage Dumping into Lake Okeechobee, Florida – ENS News service Link

Friends of the Everglades, Florida Wildlife Federation, and Fishermen Against Destruction of the Environment, all represented by Earthjustice – contend that millions of gallons of polluted water coming off of half a million acres of sugar cane fields and cities are pumped into Lake Okeechobee by the South Florida Water Management District. 

South Florida’s tougher new water restrictions Begin January 15, 2008- Sun Sentinel

“We have never seen water levels this low, this early in the dry season,” said water district spokesman Jesus Rodriguez. “These (restrictions) are about the immediate water supply concerns.”

Water Quality Monitoring for Coastal Palm Beach County- YourHub News link

While contemplating where to start with the Coral Reef Initiative, much research has led me to understand that Florida does not have an existing Water Quality Monitoring program for the Inlets and Beaches. No program- No Funding- No-reporting. What a shame. A recent DEP report shows that of 1 in 5 Inland Water Basins, 272 bodies of water in Florida are classified as Impaired. (X5 = >1000 bodies).

the politics of Standards

Clean Frying Pan Standards

Mentorship received a few years back:

A 2 time General manager of the Year at the #3 busiest restaurant in Orlando held a meeting with his Mgmt. team, I was a member and was present.

He asked for the current Assistant General Manager to leave the table and go into the kitchen and return with a cooking pan that meets our standards.

A short dispute arose on his return with a nice new clean pan; so the General Manger went to the kitchen and returned with a filthy, blackened from carbon, rusty Pan and exclaimed:

‘No, this is our current standard for cookware, simply because we allow it to exist.’

We fixed the cookware issue immediately and also terminated the bottom 12 personnel on the Staff, mixed from different departments.

We raised our Standards by 40% quickly and consequentially increased our volume.

Reason for the short story:

Water quality standards should not be judged at their best, nor should they be judged vs. other bodies of water from other locations.

If we (Florida) have 272 known bodies of water classified as Impaired, and that possibly over 1000 may exist, then Our Current Water Quality Standard is “Impaired.”

A river of pollution 7 second video from Jupiter Inlet

7 second video on Blip for now

Snap shot of the pollution discharge from Jupiter Inlet January 11, 2008

At noon January 11, 2008 I captured this video with my Sea&Sea digital camera.

The video pans from the South (clear clean water) to the North and meets a river of pollution. The river extends to the Gulfstream Atlantic and heads North with the current.

Divulge into Propaganda

Red Tide vs. Agriculture vs.Big Energy

I tried to link the 3 on the Environment Site

I am also aware that the Florida DEP now accepts that pollution in run-off is partially responsible for the Red-tide outbreaks.

DEP Reports 272 water bodies impared; pollution and fecal matter

I created this web-site to expose a PDF file that I found on-line from the Florida Dept of Environmental Protection. 

The PDF File implicates 272 bodies of water that need immediate attention, posted on-line in December 2007.

High levels of Bacterium, Ammonium, Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Fecal Matter.

The Jupiter Inlet and The Loxahatchee River District is not mentioned in this report.

EarthRehab would like to TEST the water quality independently to show more honest results.

Learn more about our campaign at

I saved a copy to my hard-drive, if it is removed suspiciously I will encode the document and paste to the web-link.