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Green License Plate campaign for Clean Water Act enforcement

Florida Ocean pollutionSign the petition for Clean WaterReef Check woth EarthRehab and IYOR 2008

Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act petition online

The drafters of the Clean Water Act foresaw failures in 1972.

The CWA allows citizens to sue the EPA for not doing their own work or making sure the states do theirs. If the state agency is failing to stop water pollution and permit violations, citizens can file an 118a complaint letter to the commissioner

of DEP or EPA reporting the violation. The commissioner is obligated to look into the lack of enforcement and report.


I met with the President/Founder of Reef Check Dr.Gregor Hodgson at the Green Living Expo in LA. and we talked Ocean Pollution.

As well at the Expo was Mary Luna the NGO coordinator for the International Year of the Reef 2008, we talked Ocean Pollution.

I met with the Executive Director of Perry Institute for Marine Science Dr. John Marr at my beach cleanup in Florida and we talked Ocean Pollution.


Then I drove over the Roosevelt Bridge that stretches over the St. Lucie River from Stuart to Jensen Beach and saw a Black River of Death and Pollution as far as eyes could see. This prompted me to (a) find out who is responsible and report the pollution (b) draft a petition to Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act (DEP) and (EPA).


Many States have had success with inviting the EPA to Enforce their States disposition, not Florida, too much work, not enough staff….

Let the EPA know that you are concerned for the Future of our Oceans by investigating the Water Quality that exits to the Gulfstream Daily.


Sign this petition online, or download the Original.


Photo’s of the River will be uploaded to the EarthRehab Flickr site.


the Federal Clean Water Act must be enforced, Today.

California and the EPA have had success with enforcing the Clean Water Act.

We must unite to follow their leadership.

Urge your local legislature to enforce the Clean Water Act today.

TMDL and WQMS must be understood yesterday.



The Next BIG Crisis; EarthRehab

The next big Crisis; by EarthRehab


Water Quality for Public Safety and Ocean Eco-systems


A comprehensive and accurate Water Quality Monitoring System to calculate TMDL for the United States is not in place. This does not mean that we should not act now.


In LA and neighboring counties of California notices from the Governors Office and SWRCB have been issued to municipalities and local governments. Even with the prehistoric methods of WQMS being used it was easy to accept that many bodies of water are at risk for public health, and immediate action should be taken to avoid litigation.

Read more here


The Nature Conservancy explains the U.S. situation and future predicament.

Some 4.5 million hectares of wetlands disappeared in the United States between the 1950s and 1970s, chiefly through conversion to agriculture. “ excerpt from


While water shortage skeptics claim that we could readily desalinate the Oceans, although costly. I pose this question.


Which Toxin infested body of Ocean Water should we desalinate first?


Support Nature Research on the Front Line.

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Currently 40,000+ commuters per day view mygreenlicenseplate and understand that we support Nature Research.


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