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Addressing Florida divers

EarthRehab power point presentation to the Palm Beach Fin Diver Club at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center Juno Florida. October 2008.

The PP presentation has been removed, for a copy contact William at

If you would like to learn more about Coral Reefs and the future consequences that they/we face, attend the Tequesta Harvest Festival in November 2008.

William Djubin the Founder of EarthRehab will discuss the Global and Local “State of the Reefs” and future for Ocean Species.

State of the Reefs 2008 presentation on tap

During the Villiage of Tequesta’s Harvest Fest 2008 William Djubin, Founder of EarthRehab will discuss the State of the Reefs 2008. (Global then local)

Dive Flag in Jupiter Inlet

Dive Flag in Jupiter Inlet -web link to press release

The Village of Tequesta Parks & Recreation Department proudly introduces William Djubin as guest speaker at Harvest Fest 2008. He is the founder of EarthRehab, an environmental campaign dedicated to Nature Research. He is known locally as an Ocean Eco-Activist, a diver, surfer, snorkeler, and underwater digital photographer. William has spent the last 18 months collaborating with the most prestigious marine scientists in the world to better understand our oceans.

2008-Open Ocean plastics riddle Florida beaches

Open Ocean pollution lands on Florida’s Beaches in 2008

Drift Seaweed

Drift SeaweedDrift Seaweed


Plastics in Seaweed

Plastics in Seaweed



During much of September and October 2008 large mats of open ocean drift seaweed has washed up on Central and South Florida beaches. Only this time the seaweed is riddled with plastics.

Bottle caps, bottles, buckets, styrofoam, lighters, cups, toys, string, and plastic bags.

On a recent visit to the Ft. Pierce Inlet, EarthRehab member Kristy Polackwich picked through the seaweed mats and filled a bucket & a large trash bag in less than an hour.

“Where is this stuff coming from?” Kristy asked. “The Open Ocean, unfortunately” replied William Djubin, Founder of EarthRehab.

“Has it really gotten this bad?” asked Kristy. “Just one day after our last beach cleanup I walked Kite Beach and Coral Cove Park and could not believe the amount of plastics in the sea weed, I am just not sure what to do at this point.” Exclaimed William 

EarthRehab will organize a beach cleanups specific to seaweed plastics.


For more details about these cleanups contact William or Kristy at

Palm Beach County, Broward, and Dade- William Djubin

Martin County, St. Lucie, Indian River and Brevard- Kristy Polackwich

Greenpeace Action this weekend..

October 11, 2008  Saturday at 1pm.

Stop Global Warming

Stop Global Warming

Greenpeace event at Carlin Park, Jupiter Florida
Lauren Thorpe is really trying hard to motivate Floridians towards Alternative Energy in Florida.
While her campaign is political specific, she addresses the larger need to fix our Energy crisis with Green Energy sources.
EarthRehab will be at this Greenpeace event, and assist with their aerial art project, it should be fun.
-if your going to the beach anyway, stop by for this large format photo shoot.
Message from the flyer and Lauren Thorpe.

“With just a few weeks until the 2008 elections, we must send a clear message that this November 4th, we will be voting for candidates who will fight for real solutions to global warming like clean, renewable energy.  Join hundreds of other climate activists and participate in a powerful aerial art message to the candidates for Congress Tim Mahoney and Tom Rooney– and voters everywhere – we want CLEAN ENERGY NOW!!”