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Reefs, the Earth’s kidneys. by EarthRehab

After watching this video titled ‘Canary in a coal mine’ which was created by Oceanographers and Ocean Scientists it is easy to understand that Coral Reef Eco-systems¬†are the Kidneys of the Oceans and consequentially the entire planet.

Wow, and now here are some statistics for you.

>70% of the Earth is Ocean while less than 1/4 of 1%  of the Oceans host coral reef colonies.

>80% of the global coral reefs are in a stressed out stage due to overfishing, pollution, global climate change, carbon, acidification, bleaching, invasive species, and disease.

<2% of the Earth is rainforests, it now should be easy to see which habitat sequests the most carbon and produces the most oxygen with photosynthesis by phytoplankton.

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