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PAA: Public Awareness Announcement

PAA: Public Awareness Announcement regarding the Port of Everglades Expansion. 

Thank you Sierra Club.

The Broward Sierra Club ExCom passed the

following resolution, and delivered it to the

Broward County Commission:


Sierra Club Broward Group has

been involved for decades with the protection

of Florida coastal habitats, including at Port

Everglades; and


the protection of the Florida

coastline is essential to the South Florida

economy and jobs in the marine industry

including sports fishing, charter boats, dive

shops, tour operations, beach going, and

tourism generally; and


a proposed deepening of

Port Everglades channel would involve

underwater dredging, blasting, and dumping

of six million cubic yards of dredged debris

over a large area a short distance offshore;



underwater dredging, blasting,

and dumping are likely to degrade the quality

of marine waters and harm or kill corals,

snook, sea turtles, and reef fish, as well

the marine flora and fauna necessary for a sustainable

marine industry and tourist economy; and


the federally-protected West Indian Manatee

is an endangered species that regularly utilizes the

waters and sea grass beds directly in the vicinity of the

project and congregates in winter near the warm-water

discharge of the FPL power plant surrounded on all four

sides by Port Everglades, where underwater blasting is

planned to occur, and underwater blasting causes a noise

that can travel long distances underwater, disorienting

and harming marine animals; and


blasting and dredging may increase taxes

to pay for beach nourishment, to repair the effects of

sand migration from channel deepening, and, in addition,

cause higher insurance costs for protection against storm

damage; and


in addition to channel deepening there is a

plan to destroy approximately 12 acres of high-quality

tidal mangroves in the construction of the turning notch,

something that Sierra Club has consistently opposed.