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Military testing off SE Coast USA? the politics of Green

The Politics of Green.
-a fellow ORI task force member would like to share this info.

I told her this would never happen close to shore. -just another diversion.

What do you make of this article.?


RNC Romney speech. Bigs.

Denounced Big Govt., went  with Job creation, followed by Energy and Healthcare then Military.

just a thought.. Lobby List of BIGS (possible top 3 in US., who knows.)

1. Big Oil/Energy 2. Big Pharma 3. Big Govt 4. possible Big Military? Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

I no longer consider Big Ag to be on their own, they will forever be associated with Big Energy in my eyes (sorry Big Ag.)

If he doesn’t get elected, he should at least get paid for trying. Great Job Mitt.!  Great speech.

What’s World Wildlife’s Problem in USA?

What’s World Wildlife Fund’s problem in USA?

I apologize to all EarthRehab fans, but we must immediately remove WWF from our site. Unbelievable to think about after raising awareness for their excellent work abroad for 3 years.

– the unbelievable harrassment we have been getting from WWF has got us scratching our heads at EarthRehab..

They (WWF) claim that our support for their work is insignificant and they do not want for us to raise awareness or funding for them in any way. Michael Kite has threatend to have his Lawyers file a law suit. 

Mr. Kite also said that EarthRehab does not benefit their organization, as they are the #1 most respective and largest Environmental Effort on the Planet.

E-mail letter “Cease & Decist” from WWF’s Michael Kite:

May 20, 2010

William Djubin Founder EarthRehab

Dear Mr. Djubin,

 Pursuant to our phone conversation today, please immediately remove World Wildlife Fund’s name and logo anywhere it appears on your web site or marketing materials.  I have included a copy of where this appears on your site.  We requested this via U.S. mail and email on December 6, 2007, enclosed for reference.  We require a licensing agreement anytime someone communicates to the consumer that a donation can be made to WWF based on the sale of a product.  

Please certify to us in writing within 10 business days that you have taken this action.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 202-495-4677 or  In addition, I can put you in touch with our legal counsel if you would like.

Michael Kite World Wildlife Fund
1250 24th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037-1193
Phone: 202.495.4677
Fax: 202.495.4270

Containers fall off ship, drift toward West Palm, but Coast Guard says shoreline safe

Containers fall off ship, drift toward West Palm, but Coast Guard says shoreline safe:

thanks Palm Beach Post.

WEST PALM BEACH — After racing to prevent an environmental disaster, the Coast Guard sought to calm fears late Thursday that 30 shipping containers that fell off a freighter in the Keys might drift up Florida’s east coast spilling severely hazardous materials.

-Thanks Paul Quinlan

Conservation in mind. The EarthRehab video


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