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the Politics of Green and Climate Change

Leaked info on 3 Degrees Celsius probability:

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference | 3 degree threat
“A document leaked from the UN secretariat says the world will warm by about three degrees this century if the greenhouse gas cuts being proposed at Copenhagen are followed through, exposing the huge gap between the rhetoric of world leaders at the conference and climate science.
Scientists say the three degree rise would likely have severe consequences on human development for centuries, and may well trigger “tipping points” that cause uncontrollable climate change.”

Step up and help save Corals.

NOAA considering petition to review critical habitat for elkhorn and staghorn coral.

2008 NOAA

2008 NOAA

Press Release: DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / 50 CFR Part 226 / Listing Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Designating Critical Habitat; 90–day Finding for a Petition to Revise Designated Critical Habitat for Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals
ACTION: Notice of petition finding; request for information and comments.


Please comment on this article, ‘for Coral Reefs’, include a name and weblink. Critical times call for critical actions.

Thanks. William


Renew your Florida Green License Plate

When you renew your DMV Florida License Plate you can also upgrade to an awesome program with the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

Electric car and EarthRehab Green License Plate

Electric car and EarthRehab Green License Plate

4 Specialty license plates benefit the 4 sectors of this Oceanic Environmental Research Institute, that has recently Coop’ed with NOAA.  -press release:


Additionally you can choose the EarthRehab Green License Plate for FREE, as a token of our appreciation of your support of Harbor Branch.


License Plate page is here:


The politics of Green and Water in Florida

As a Native Floridian and a lover of water I am pleased that the EPA has finally addressed our Water Quality Crisis. I have copied the following passage from this 2009 determination by the EPA:

Magnitude of Nutrient Over-Enrichment in Florida
Water quality degradation due to nutrient over-enrichment is a significant
environmental issue in Florida. Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection has acknowledged and documented the magnitude of over-enrichment. According to Florida’s 2008 Integrated Report,6 approximately 1,000 miles of rivers and streams, 350,000 acres of lakes, and 900 square miles of estuaries are impaired for nutrients in the State. To put this into context, these values represent approximately 16% of the assessed river and stream miles, 36% of the assessed lake acres, and 25% of the assessed square miles of estuaries that Florida has listed as impaired under the IWR. The actual number of miles and acres of waters impaired for nutrients is likely higher, as many waters currently classified as “unassessed” may also be impaired.
This conclusion is based upon a range of available information, including the vastmamounts of monitoring data that exist on nutrient-related parameters in Florida waters. With almost 800,000 nutrient-related data points in STORET (including nitrogen, phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, and turbidity), Florida has substantially more data points than any other State or Territory to clearly characterize the magnitude of its nutrient challenges.

How can YOU help???
*Please sign our Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act for Florida petition: (many of you already have, Thanks.)
this petition is also available on Care2 and Facebook.

William Djubin

Conservation in mind. The EarthRehab video


visit the EarthRehab campaign here, and join the mission to Save this Planet. Click here

A direct violation of the Endangered Species Act of 1973

April 13, 2009 A direct violation of the Endangered Species Act.


Sometimes I really wonder what’s going on up here in Jupiter..


Jupiter Inlet violation of the Endangered Species Act

Jupiter Inlet violation of the Endangered Species Act

Sometimes I really wonder what’s going on up here in Jupiter..
A renourishment dredge of sediment from the intercoastal, at night with heavy lighting and heavy equipment during Sea Turtle nesting season.
William Djubin

Green License Plate 2009 events

Here are a few confirmed events for EarthRehab in Florida
Visit EarthRehab.com today.
January- 17 definitely 1 beach cleanup at Coral Cove Park (focus ocean plastics)
February- 7 Audubon Everglades Day 2009, what a venue. (EXPO) http://www.auduboneverglades.org/
28 Loggerhead MLC Member yearly party and fundraiser http://www.marinelife.org/eventscalendarMarch
7 Sea Turtle Day at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Boca Raton (EXPO) http://gumbolimbo.org/ee/programs/calendar-details/event_turtle_day/
28 Florida Keys GLEE and Nature Conservancy event in Islamorada (EXPO)
April – 18 Great American Cleanup 2008 for EarthDay at Coral Cove Park
June – 8 World Ocean Day at Coral Cove Park
September- Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup at Coral Cove Park