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the politics of Green and Everglades Restoration

the politics of Green and Everglades Restoration-

Recently I viewed another TV commercial urging Floridians to contact their Representatives and URGE them to BUY the Sugar Land..??? Although I was anxious and excited about the Original Proposal (CERP )while Charlie Christ was Governor, I quickly changed my mind after a Lecture and Meeting with Mr. Harold Wanless of USGS…!!!

The proposed Sugar Land that we salivate for is a Parking lot of Sand and Rock… US Sugar and Florida Crystal have depleted.,DEPLETED the land of Organic Materials, Sediment and Muck needed to Re-create a “River Of Grass”

I would like to Urge you to contact Florida Representatives and continue to SAY NO.. to the purchase of EX-Sugar Lands.


Mass Pilot Whale stranding/beaching in Florida Keys update

Mass Pilot Whale stranding in Florida Keys

Mass Pilot Whale stranding in Florida Keys

Mass Pilot Whale stranding/beaching in Florida Keys; a report from the front-line.
We, Ocean Rehab board members volunteered during past three days at the Marine Mammal Conservancy to help with the rehabilitation of 4 Stranded/Beached Pilot Whales, and here’s what we know.
Volunteers are needed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at the Marine Mammal Conservancy until further notice.No one will be turned down when offering to help in any way.
And yes of course this weekend had thousands of Volunteers and Environmentalists from all sectors but we all know the novelty will soon wear out and MMC will be on their own.
4 teams of 3-4 people are needed just for the Whales (in the water) 24 hours a day.
a total of 25 volunteers are needed at all times to assist with multiple other necessary tasks.
We pledge ourselves to help with organizing volunteers for the future tasks at hand.

Mass Pilot Whale stranding in Florida Keys

Mass Pilot Whale stranding in Florida Keys

Thank you for listening. William

A news story is here:

April Fool’s Day and Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

April Fool’s Day and Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

About Ocean Rehab and April Fool’s Day

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. was actually born on this exact date; April Fool’s Day is the day that is stamped on our determination letter by the IRS declaring Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. a 501(c) (3) public charity. Donors and Charter Sponsors whether independent or corporations receive 100% tax deductions for their generosity.

We are Reef Check Florida; an Ecological Assessment and Long Term monitoring program for the Southeast Florida Reef System as administered by Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. 

We hope you enjoy our project and work’s to protect Florida’s most valuable eco-system, the Oceans.

the Politics of Green and Oil Spill Damages; priceless

the Politics of Green and Oil Spill Damages; priceless

Fishery at Breakers Reef June 22, 2010 (Ocean Rehab)

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. pre- Oil Spill Surveys of Breakers Reef slideshow on Earth Rehab Flickr’ . click here and see what’s happening to protect Florida’s underwater eco-systems.

Slideshow Click.


What’s World Wildlife’s Problem in USA?

What’s World Wildlife Fund’s problem in USA?

I apologize to all EarthRehab fans, but we must immediately remove WWF from our site. Unbelievable to think about after raising awareness for their excellent work abroad for 3 years.

– the unbelievable harrassment we have been getting from WWF has got us scratching our heads at EarthRehab..

They (WWF) claim that our support for their work is insignificant and they do not want for us to raise awareness or funding for them in any way. Michael Kite has threatend to have his Lawyers file a law suit. 

Mr. Kite also said that EarthRehab does not benefit their organization, as they are the #1 most respective and largest Environmental Effort on the Planet.

E-mail letter “Cease & Decist” from WWF’s Michael Kite:

May 20, 2010

William Djubin Founder EarthRehab

Dear Mr. Djubin,

 Pursuant to our phone conversation today, please immediately remove World Wildlife Fund’s name and logo anywhere it appears on your web site or marketing materials.  I have included a copy of where this appears on your site.  We requested this via U.S. mail and email on December 6, 2007, enclosed for reference.  We require a licensing agreement anytime someone communicates to the consumer that a donation can be made to WWF based on the sale of a product.  

Please certify to us in writing within 10 business days that you have taken this action.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 202-495-4677 or michael.kite@wwfus.org.  In addition, I can put you in touch with our legal counsel if you would like.

Michael Kite World Wildlife Fund
1250 24th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037-1193
Phone: 202.495.4677
Fax: 202.495.4270

Critical Habitat denied for Florida reefs

Florida reefs North of the Boynton Beach Inlet are denied as critical habitat, and the protection that comes with the designation.  


Staghorn Coral

Elkhorn Coral in PR


While I have never seen a Staghorn or Elkhorn coral on North Palm ot Martin County reefs, that does not mean that they do not exist. And to make a claim that Coral Cove Park is not Critical Habitat for Endangered and Threatened Species is absolutely not true.

I can list over 20 species that utilize North Palm Beach and Martin Counties patch reefs as refuge, habitat, rehabilitation, cleaning station,  and spawning grounds


To say that I am disappointed is an understatement; my worst-case scenario has played out. North Palm Beach County reefs will go unprotected for 2009


Thanks go to NOAA and Reef Rescue for all of their hard work and efforts.



2 emails written to me:


Don’t know if you caught this in the Herald on Monday. The title was different in the print version, but the story is the same.


Miami Herald story


Second from Ed Tichenor Reef Rescue

Federal Agency Cuts Coral Protection Area

Critical Habitat for Palm Beach County Cut in Half

As required by the Endangered Species Act, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service has finalized the critical habitat designations for Elkhorn and Staghorn (Acropora) corals effective December 26, 2008. All of Palm Beach County was originally proposed to be included in the designated area. But when the final rule was published half of the county was eliminated. NOAA claims, in comments published in the Federal Register, they have no knowledge of either species of Acroporahistorically or presently occurring north of the Boynton Beach Inlet.

This is simply not true. Reef Rescue and FDEP biologists have supplied data documenting historical and living Staghorn colonies in the area NOAA now claims they have no knowledge of Acropora occurring.

The decision to eliminate half of the county is not based on science but rather appears NOAA caved to the political influence of wealthy oceanfront towns whose beach renourishment projects might be jeopardized by the critical habitat designation.


Read the Palm Beach Post


State of the Reefs 2008 presentation on tap

During the Villiage of Tequesta’s Harvest Fest 2008 William Djubin, Founder of EarthRehab will discuss the State of the Reefs 2008. (Global then local)

Dive Flag in Jupiter Inlet

Dive Flag in Jupiter Inlet

http://www.tequesta.org/index.asp?NID=466 -web link to press release

The Village of Tequesta Parks & Recreation Department proudly introduces William Djubin as guest speaker at Harvest Fest 2008. He is the founder of EarthRehab, an environmental campaign dedicated to Nature Research. He is known locally as an Ocean Eco-Activist, a diver, surfer, snorkeler, and underwater digital photographer. William has spent the last 18 months collaborating with the most prestigious marine scientists in the world to better understand our oceans.