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the politics of Green and Wildlife corridor’s

the politics of Green and Wildlife corridor’s

Upset by the decision to develop a local parcel (pud32) in Palm Beach County that represents Native Florida and contains several protected species I write this post.

Pud 32 recently annexed by the Town of Juno from unincorporated Palm Beach County is slotted for development of Luxury Townhouse with canals and private boat slips by Toll Brothers. Sounds great right, but wait…

Pud 32 located on the SW Corner of Ellison Wilson Rd. and Donald Ross Rd. is a Wildlife Corridor and a Native Tree and Mangrove Forest. This parcel should get a fair assessment of ecological and environmental values before removing muck, mangroves, native trees and species and laying the concrete foundation. My research finds that Florida is liable to protect these sparce areas:

Florida’s Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development
Regulation Act requires local governments to plan and develop regulations that:
12. Assure protection of key natural areas and agricultural lands that are
identified using state and local inventories of natural areas. Key natural areas
include, but are not limited to:
a. Wildlife corridors.
b. Lands with high native biological diversity, important areas for threatened and endangered species, species of special concern, migratory bird habitat, and intact natural communities.
c. Significant surface waters and springs, aquatic preserves, wetlands, and
outstanding Florida waters.
d. Water resources suitable for preservation of natural systems and for water resource development.
e. Representative and rare native Florida natural systems.
Fl. Stat. Ann. ง 163.3246 (2006). Local governments are subject to state and regional oversight, but may obtain more local control of certain areas through a certification process.
But Toll Brothers seem to walk on water as the Largest Luxury Townhouse developer in the US and have several environmental infractions noted throughout the US Fish and Wildlife court system.
Can we save this Wetland?? and preserve this habitat?? that will have to be determined by the State of Florida, US Govt and the Town of Juno.

the Politics of Green; Florida and the Clean Water Act

the Politics of Green; Florida and the Clean Water Act

A meeting will be held at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute on March 31, 2010 to discuss the Federal EPA Clean Water Act.

The meeting is intended to get scientific and public input regarding the nutrient criteria for establishing clean and healthy waters for Florida, and you are invited.

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
PLACE: Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University, Johnson Education Center Auditorium, 5600 US Highway 1 North, Ft. Pierce, Florida 34946

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local scientists, is embarking on a process to engage those people familiar with Florida’s marine waters in the development of numeric nutrient criteria for estuarine and coastal areas. The primary purpose of numeric nutrient criteria is to protect healthy well-balanced natural populations of flora and fauna from the effects of excess nutrient enrichment. Implementation of these criteria can prevent over-enrichment from occurring, and can be used to identify waters impaired by nutrients in need of restoration. The criteria would also support full recreational use of the State’s predominantly marine waters.

The components of this estuarine/coastal nutrient criteria development process include:

• Engaging local organizations, stakeholders, and experts around the State to generate discussion and exploration of appropriate numeric nutrient criteria;

• Compiling data and scientific support on key ecological attributes and for recommended numeric nutrient criteria where such information is generated and available; and

• Ensuring that such information is accessible to both FDEP and EPA for consideration when moving forward with proposed numeric nutrient criteria. 

A direct violation of the Endangered Species Act of 1973

April 13, 2009 A direct violation of the Endangered Species Act.


Sometimes I really wonder what’s going on up here in Jupiter..


Jupiter Inlet violation of the Endangered Species Act

Jupiter Inlet violation of the Endangered Species Act

Sometimes I really wonder what’s going on up here in Jupiter..
A renourishment dredge of sediment from the intercoastal, at night with heavy lighting and heavy equipment during Sea Turtle nesting season.
William Djubin

2008-Open Ocean plastics riddle Florida beaches

Open Ocean pollution lands on Florida’s Beaches in 2008

Drift Seaweed

Drift SeaweedDrift Seaweed


Plastics in Seaweed

Plastics in Seaweed



During much of September and October 2008 large mats of open ocean drift seaweed has washed up on Central and South Florida beaches. Only this time the seaweed is riddled with plastics.

Bottle caps, bottles, buckets, styrofoam, lighters, cups, toys, string, and plastic bags.

On a recent visit to the Ft. Pierce Inlet, EarthRehab member Kristy Polackwich picked through the seaweed mats and filled a bucket & a large trash bag in less than an hour.

“Where is this stuff coming from?” Kristy asked. “The Open Ocean, unfortunately” replied William Djubin, Founder of EarthRehab.

“Has it really gotten this bad?” asked Kristy. “Just one day after our last beach cleanup I walked Kite Beach and Coral Cove Park and could not believe the amount of plastics in the sea weed, I am just not sure what to do at this point.” Exclaimed William 

EarthRehab will organize a beach cleanups specific to seaweed plastics.


For more details about these cleanups contact William or Kristy at EarthRehab.com

Palm Beach County, Broward, and Dade- William Djubin

Martin County, St. Lucie, Indian River and Brevard- Kristy Polackwich

Pirate Pipes Pollute Palm Beach

A Pirate polluterA pirate pollution pipePollution Pipe

Try saying that 5x fast.


May 10th and May 11th 2008 had unbelievable visibility in the waters off Jupiter Island. The Jupiter Island is home to many millionaires and celebrities and The Nature Conservancy Blowing Rocks.

Coral Cove Park is a local spot for great snorkeling and underwater digital photography.

I found 4 Pirate Pollution Pipes in 8 foot of water just off shore.

Someone once mentioned pirate polluting to me in the past, I had thought they we speaking of dumping toxins directly into storm drains, this appears to be a different species altogether.

Where do these pipes lead? Who is responsible for removal of the pipes? Can the pipes be closed off permanently?

the politics of Green; effects of pollution

Green Algae on Rocks Jupiter Inlet

Jupiter Inlet Pollution slideshow on Flickr


the politics of Green; Effects of Dumping

ERM trucks battle the rising tides at Jupiter Inlet ParkOcean Pollution headed Northswim zone for children with toxins and pollution

Jupiter Inlet, Florida December 11, 2007

I surfed 1 mile south of the Inlet to avoid the pollution and waste water, lots of sea-weed and Man-O-War in the water.

Tuesday had a strong Northbound current during the change of Tides (sorry Cocoa & Melbourne), ERM trucks continued to give sand to the Ocean, and a foul smell of feces was in the Air with brownish water and Algae inside the Inlet.

Our local WQMS ( Water Quality Management ) claimed that the water samples tested Moderate for high levels of toxins. Where did they do the testing? They tested from the inter-coastal stream heading South from Tequesta, where its clean.

Understand that water samples need to be taken from the worst possible body of water where people swim. Period.