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Military testing off SE Coast USA? the politics of Green


The Politics of Green.
-a fellow ORI task force member would like to share this info.

I told her this would never happen close to shore. -just another diversion.

What do you make of this article.?



June 7, 2011 

Community Foundation Link


William Djubin, Ocean Rehab Initiative, President

Ocean Rehab Initiative Link


(561) 308-8848, William_djubin@msn.com



(June 2, 2011) WEST PALM BEACH – Ocean Rehab Initiative, a Palm Beach County based Coral Reef Initiative is pleased to announce it has received a $2,500 matching grant from the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties with a total of $5,000 directed towards Coral Reef Conservation. Ocean Rehab Initiative will use these funds to support its Florida Reef Project and continue its mission of surveying the entire length of the Southeastern Reef Tract. 

The Florida Reef Project employs citizen divers to survey the reef, which stretches from the St. Lucie Inlet in Martin County, all the way to the Florida Keys. A major concentration of the portion of the reef which lies closest to shore is in Martin and Palm Beach counties. These divers are certified free of charge according to Reef Check International standards. They agree to perform two survey dives over the next two years. These dives will create the first ever baseline of the reef system, allowing for proper management in the future.

The grant, on behalf of the Wendy and Royall Victor III Fund for Environment and Landmark Preservation of the Community Foundation, will allow Ocean Rehab Initiative to certify twelve Palm Beach and Martin County divers. Those divers will then begin surveying the reef line that runs along Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

“A real progress in addressing environmental challenges is to involve a broad group of concerned citizens. The Ocean Rehab Initiative does exactly that by employing citizen divers in studying and mapping the reef structures off the east coast of South Florida, which is one of the most endangered marine environments extant,” says Royall Victor III, Chair of the Environmental Committee and the Vice Chair of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties Board of Directors.

 “Ocean Rehab Initiative is extremely grateful to the Community Foundation for this very generous grant,” said William Djubin, president of Ocean Rehab Initiative. “It is only because of foundations like the Community Foundation that we are able to exist, much less perform this work, which is very important to everyone who lives along Florida’s coast.”

Ocean Rehab Initiative is a 501(c) (3) Public Charity Non-profit volunteer organization Ocean Rehab’s next scheduled “Citizen Scientist” diver certification classes will be held the third week of  June 2011 thanks to the sponsorship of CFPBMC.  

Contact Ocean Rehab Initiative at http://OceanRehab.org or e-mail at info@oceanrehab.org for any inquiries.


The Community Foundation awards grants through a competitive application and review process. (Ask the Community Foundation to supply a quote regarding your project by emailing the Director of Communications and Marketing.)

About the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties

As one of Florida’s largest community foundations, the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties advances quality of life, citizen engagement, and regional vitality through its promotion of philanthropy. We have been in existence for more than 35 years, with permanent endowment now totaling more than $100 million. Last year, the Foundation awarded over $3.4 million in grants and led initiatives to address critical issues of common concern among our region’s communities, including hunger, homelessness, affordable housing, and the conservation and protection of water resources. We are the trusted steward of over 250 funds created by area families, philanthropists, corporations and private foundations for charitable investment in our region’s communities. To learn more, please visit www.yourcommunityfoundation.org or our You Tube Channel at www.youtube.com/palmbeachmartincf.

April Fool’s Day and Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

April Fool’s Day and Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc.

About Ocean Rehab and April Fool’s Day

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. was actually born on this exact date; April Fool’s Day is the day that is stamped on our determination letter by the IRS declaring Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. a 501(c) (3) public charity. Donors and Charter Sponsors whether independent or corporations receive 100% tax deductions for their generosity.

We are Reef Check Florida; an Ecological Assessment and Long Term monitoring program for the Southeast Florida Reef System as administered by Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. 

We hope you enjoy our project and work’s to protect Florida’s most valuable eco-system, the Oceans.

the Politics of Green and Oil Spill Damages; priceless

the Politics of Green and Oil Spill Damages; priceless

Fishery at Breakers Reef June 22, 2010 (Ocean Rehab)

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. pre- Oil Spill Surveys of Breakers Reef slideshow on Earth Rehab Flickr’ . click here and see what’s happening to protect Florida’s underwater eco-systems.

Slideshow Click.


Step up and help save Corals.

NOAA considering petition to review critical habitat for elkhorn and staghorn coral.

2008 NOAA

2008 NOAA

Press Release: DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / 50 CFR Part 226 / Listing Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Designating Critical Habitat; 90–day Finding for a Petition to Revise Designated Critical Habitat for Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals
ACTION: Notice of petition finding; request for information and comments.


Please comment on this article, ‘for Coral Reefs’, include a name and weblink. Critical times call for critical actions.

Thanks. William


Reefs, the Earth’s kidneys. by EarthRehab

After watching this video titled ‘Canary in a coal mine’ which was created by Oceanographers and Ocean Scientists it is easy to understand that Coral Reef Eco-systems are the Kidneys of the Oceans and consequentially the entire planet.

Wow, and now here are some statistics for you.

>70% of the Earth is Ocean while less than 1/4 of 1%  of the Oceans host coral reef colonies.

>80% of the global coral reefs are in a stressed out stage due to overfishing, pollution, global climate change, carbon, acidification, bleaching, invasive species, and disease.

<2% of the Earth is rainforests, it now should be easy to see which habitat sequests the most carbon and produces the most oxygen with photosynthesis by phytoplankton.

Please sign our Enforce the Federal Clean Water Act petition online.


Harmful Algae Blooms and Dr. Lapointe

The attached photo is of Dr. Brian Lapointe in the Florida Bay dead-zone.

Florida Bay dead-zone

Florida Bay dead-zone

Attached is information about the 2009 Ocean Science Lecture Series offered by Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University. This educational outreach program provides a forum for Harbor Branch/FAU scientists to share their most recent discoveries with our neighboring communities. The series began on Wednesday, January 7, 2009 and continues weekly through April 1, 2009. Lectures are held weekly on Wednesday at 4 and 7 PM. Admission to this popular lecture series is free.

This Wednesday’s lecture (January 28), “Harmful Algal Blooms on Caribbean Coral Reefs,” will feature Dr. Brian Lapointe, Research Professor in the Center for Marine Ecosystem Health at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University. While much of his work has been centered in the Florida Keys, Dr. Lapointe will present an overview of the pioneering work he and his colleagues performed in various parts of the Caribbean region, including the Belize Barrier Reef, Martinique, Jamaica, and Bonaire. He will also provide an update of his long-term monitoring at Looe Key reef in the lower Florida Keys, which represents the longest low-level nutrient record for a coral reef anywhere in the world. Dr. Lapointe will also discuss recent legislation and policy changes that are intended to improve water quality by reducing excessive nutrient pollution of South Florida’s coastal waters.

Dr. Lapointe’s research is funded in part by the SAVE OUR SEAS Florida specialty license plate. The Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Foundation directs proceeds from the sale of these plates to support research on vital ecosystems like the Indian River Lagoon, sea grass, and coral reef communities.