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The single most important thing I sat down and read in 2011; Coral Reefs.

The single most important thing I sat down and read in 2011; Coral Reefs of the Caribbean report.

http://www.icriforum.org/news/2011/08/report-caribbean-mpa-capacity-assessment -ICRI WEB FOR Re DIRECT LINK AND SUMMARY

http://campam.gcfi.org/CapAssess/CapacityAssessmentReport2011/index.html – Beautifully done, great job. Need a Summary?



Global scientific monitoring and mangement of MPA’s (Marine Protected Areas) of coral reef eco-systems

in the greater Caribbean.


Compliments of Ocean Rehab Initiative’s William. http://oceanrehab.org


the Politics of Green and Oil Spill Damages; priceless

the Politics of Green and Oil Spill Damages; priceless

Fishery at Breakers Reef June 22, 2010 (Ocean Rehab)

Ocean Rehab Initiative Inc. pre- Oil Spill Surveys of Breakers Reef slideshow on Earth Rehab Flickr’ . click here and see what’s happening to protect Florida’s underwater eco-systems.

Slideshow Click.


Containers fall off ship, drift toward West Palm, but Coast Guard says shoreline safe

Containers fall off ship, drift toward West Palm, but Coast Guard says shoreline safe:

thanks Palm Beach Post.

WEST PALM BEACH — After racing to prevent an environmental disaster, the Coast Guard sought to calm fears late Thursday that 30 shipping containers that fell off a freighter in the Keys might drift up Florida’s east coast spilling severely hazardous materials.


-Thanks Paul Quinlan

the Politics of Green and pollution; EU

Needed to post a few pics from my visit to Europe.

Very poor air quality on Barcelona 2009

Including Barcelona  Spain air quality pics, Livorno (Pisa) water pollution and roadside pollution, finally Cannes France with litter on rooftops and open ocean plastics in the seaweed line. Enjoy.

Very poor air quality on Barcelona 2009

Trash found everywhere roadside in Pisa Italy

Water Issues near a Glass Factory in Pisa, Bright Grey/Blue cloudy water?

Water Issues near a Glass Factory in Pisa, Bright Grey/Blue cloudy water?

Cannes rooftop litter 2009

Open Ocean Pollution; Cannes France 2009 seaweed line

Open Ocean Pollution; Cannes France 2009 seaweed line

Open Ocean Pollution; Cannes France 2009 seaweed line

Step up and help save Corals.

NOAA considering petition to review critical habitat for elkhorn and staghorn coral.

2008 NOAA

2008 NOAA

Press Release: DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / 50 CFR Part 226 / Listing Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Designating Critical Habitat; 90–day Finding for a Petition to Revise Designated Critical Habitat for Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals
ACTION: Notice of petition finding; request for information and comments.


Please comment on this article, ‘for Coral Reefs’, include a name and weblink. Critical times call for critical actions.

Thanks. William


2008-Open Ocean plastics riddle Florida beaches

Open Ocean pollution lands on Florida’s Beaches in 2008

Drift Seaweed

Drift SeaweedDrift Seaweed


Plastics in Seaweed

Plastics in Seaweed



During much of September and October 2008 large mats of open ocean drift seaweed has washed up on Central and South Florida beaches. Only this time the seaweed is riddled with plastics.

Bottle caps, bottles, buckets, styrofoam, lighters, cups, toys, string, and plastic bags.

On a recent visit to the Ft. Pierce Inlet, EarthRehab member Kristy Polackwich picked through the seaweed mats and filled a bucket & a large trash bag in less than an hour.

“Where is this stuff coming from?” Kristy asked. “The Open Ocean, unfortunately” replied William Djubin, Founder of EarthRehab.

“Has it really gotten this bad?” asked Kristy. “Just one day after our last beach cleanup I walked Kite Beach and Coral Cove Park and could not believe the amount of plastics in the sea weed, I am just not sure what to do at this point.” Exclaimed William 

EarthRehab will organize a beach cleanups specific to seaweed plastics.


For more details about these cleanups contact William or Kristy at EarthRehab.com

Palm Beach County, Broward, and Dade- William Djubin

Martin County, St. Lucie, Indian River and Brevard- Kristy Polackwich

Red Tide, Dredging, Clean Water, Sewage and lawsuits in Florida

Environmental News for Florida; the last 30 days


This Florida News briefing made possible from the sale of Green License Plates and EarthRehab


Florida has been a hot spot for Environmental News over the last 30 days. I would like to highlight and link to a few great moments.


June 24, 2008– Governor Crist tells US Sugar to pack their bags and buys back a section of the “River of Grass.”

The Sugar Deal


July 7-11, 2008- To kick off the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Governor Charlie Crist signed a bill to close all of the sewage pipes that pump 300 million gallons of untreated sewage into the Atlantic Gulf-stream. Ed Tichenor and Reef Rescue of the Palm Beaches get the hard won victory and credit.

The Sewage Deal


July 16, 2008– Surfrider Foundation and the City of Lake Worth join in a lawsuit to stop the useless Dredge and Fill projects that suffocate the Reefs.

The Dredge Lawsuit


July 16, 2008– Ciguatera Outbreak, 5 cases reported in Florida. Ciguatera is a disease caused when you eat reef fish that have consumed Harmful Algae Blooms.

The Ciguatera Outbreak


July 17, 2008- EarthJustice files a lawsuit for Clean Water Act enforcement in Florida vs. Harmful Algae Blooms.

The Clean Water Lawsuit


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Check out the photos.