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the politics of Green and Wildlife corridor’s

the politics of Green and Wildlife corridor’s

Upset by the decision to develop a local parcel (pud32) in Palm Beach County that represents Native Florida and contains several protected species I write this post.

Pud 32 recently annexed by the Town of Juno from unincorporated Palm Beach County is slotted for development of Luxury Townhouse with canals and private boat slips by Toll Brothers. Sounds great right, but wait…

Pud 32 located on the SW Corner of Ellison Wilson Rd. and Donald Ross Rd. is a Wildlife Corridor and a Native Tree and Mangrove Forest. This parcel should get a fair assessment of ecological and environmental values before removing muck, mangroves, native trees and species and laying the concrete foundation. My research finds that Florida is liable to protect these sparce areas:

Florida’s Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development
Regulation Act requires local governments to plan and develop regulations that:
12. Assure protection of key natural areas and agricultural lands that are
identified using state and local inventories of natural areas. Key natural areas
include, but are not limited to:
a. Wildlife corridors.
b. Lands with high native biological diversity, important areas for threatened and endangered species, species of special concern, migratory bird habitat, and intact natural communities.
c. Significant surface waters and springs, aquatic preserves, wetlands, and
outstanding Florida waters.
d. Water resources suitable for preservation of natural systems and for water resource development.
e. Representative and rare native Florida natural systems.
Fl. Stat. Ann. ง 163.3246 (2006). Local governments are subject to state and regional oversight, but may obtain more local control of certain areas through a certification process.
But Toll Brothers seem to walk on water as the Largest Luxury Townhouse developer in the US and have several environmental infractions noted throughout the US Fish and Wildlife court system.
Can we save this Wetland?? and preserve this habitat?? that will have to be determined by the State of Florida, US Govt and the Town of Juno.

Florida’s Endangered Animal Species List by EarthRehab

Endangered Species Florida Cougar

Learn more about Endangered and Threatened Species and Actions being taken to Save these vulnerable animals with the EarthRehab portal:  
Here is the updated list for the State of Florida: (sorry, no plants were listed)
Shortnose sturgeon
Okaloosa Darter
American Crocodile
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle
Wood Stork
Everglades Snail Kite
Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow
Florida Grasshopper Sparrow
Red-cockaded Woodpecker
Florida Panther
Red Wolf
Key Deer
Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit
Silver Rice Rat
Key Largo Wood Rat
Key Largo Cotton Mouse
Choctawhatchee Beach Mouse
Anastasia Island Beach Mouse
St. Andrews Beach Mouse
Perdido Key Beach Mouse
Indiana Bat
Florida Saltmarsh Vole
Fin Whale
North Atlantic Right Whale
Humpback whale
Sperm Whale
Caribbean Monk Seal
Schaus’ Swallowtail Butterfly
Fat three-ridge (mollusk)
Shinyrayed Pocketbook (mollusk)
Gulf Moccasinshell (mollusk)
Ochlockonee Moccasinshell (mollusk)
Oval Pigtoe (mollusk)
Elkhorn Coral
Staghorn Coral

Surgeon Fish with Unicorn in Florida

Brown surgeonfish with unicornunicorn surgeonfish reef

Is this a new species of Fish in Southeast Florida?

Actually its an Orange Spotted Filefish, they look and act like a Triggerfish/Tang.