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Water Quality Monitoring and TMDL

Pollution Dump in Jupiter Inlet

The Term Water Quality Monitoring and Abbreviations WQMS and TMDL will become more familiar over the next century. 

The simple fact that our Current System for calculating TMDL or Total Maximum Daily Loads for a Water Quality Monitoring Standard is broken.

You could spend an entire week researching future and past meeting minutes and power point presentations regarding WQMS and come to the only conclusion, our current Water Quality Monitoring System is broken; and the standard for judging clean healthy water is broken. 

Here are the Minutes for a meeting in December 2007

If any Group or Foundation claims to be a Coral Reef Initiative, the very first step should be a Water Quality Monitoring Program.

Without a Water Quality Monitoring Program in place and working they are just spinning their wheels and wasting their investors money. 

EarthRehab has established a Coral Reef Initiative in which

Phase 1 is to establish a Water Quality Monitoring Program for South East Florida and The Atlantic Ocean Gulf-stream. 

The funding for this program is made possible solely by the sale of Our Green License Plate, with proceeds to benefit Nature Research. Visit the Site