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the politics of Green and Everglades Restoration

the politics of Green and Everglades Restoration-

Recently I viewed another TV commercial urging Floridians to contact their Representatives and URGE them to BUY the Sugar Land..??? Although I was anxious and excited about the Original Proposal (CERP )while Charlie Christ was Governor, I quickly changed my mind after a Lecture and Meeting with Mr. Harold Wanless of USGS…!!!

The proposed Sugar Land that we salivate for is a Parking lot of Sand and Rock… US Sugar and Florida Crystal have depleted.,DEPLETED the land of Organic Materials, Sediment and Muck needed to Re-create a “River Of Grass”

I would like to Urge you to contact Florida Representatives and continue to SAY NO.. to the purchase of EX-Sugar Lands.

Watercooler chat: the politics of Green by Djubin

Watercooler chat: the politics of Green by Djubin

Marijuana Legalization, is it safe to chat about this subject at your workplace; even though it’s global news and spoken about on the hour in the USA?

Can you talk about “Pot” at your workplace, current events even??? Is it safe or will you loose your job?

The Politics of Green

Clean Water Act 2013 and Florida.. Update CWA FLORIDA



Military testing off SE Coast USA? the politics of Green

The Politics of Green.
-a fellow ORI task force member would like to share this info.

I told her this would never happen close to shore. -just another diversion.

What do you make of this article.?

The Politics of Power and Hurricanes, Critical Efforts by NY, NJ even Alabama 2012

The Politics of Power and Hurricanes, Critical Efforts by NY, NJ even Alabama 2012.

via The Politics of Power and Hurricanes, Critical Efforts by NY, NJ even Alabama 2012.

Election 2012 USA; The Politics of Politics


The United States of America’s economy is involved in a Global Market, not National.

I do not appreciate you talking to us like Mice on Cheese.

Please understand that if China, France, Spain, or Greeces’ economy were to crash we would be affected, and we need to Export more. Basically we need to Export more products to grow jobs now.

Also, kinda personal. We need to elect a Global Ocean President to represent our Ocean, for all Countries.

RNC Romney speech. Bigs.

Denounced Big Govt., went  with Job creation, followed by Energy and Healthcare then Military.

just a thought.. Lobby List of BIGS (possible top 3 in US., who knows.)

1. Big Oil/Energy 2. Big Pharma 3. Big Govt 4. possible Big Military? Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

I no longer consider Big Ag to be on their own, they will forever be associated with Big Energy in my eyes (sorry Big Ag.)

If he doesn’t get elected, he should at least get paid for trying. Great Job Mitt.!  Great speech.